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My name is Stephen Hyden, and I love cars. As much as it would be nice to say I have had a love of cars my entire life, it isn’t entirely true. Sure, I played with Hot Wheels, and my grandpa helped me collect die-cast models, but I wasn’t ‘really’ a car person. That all changed when I started watching Top Gear. It scratched an itch, and I started reading magazines, playing car games, and generally just getting into the culture. Now, years since then, I have gotten married (and divorced), received a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Nevada, Reno, and most importantly continued to grow more obsessed with cars.

I subscribe to a great many of the ‘big’ internet personalities in the car world; Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire and Car Throttle among many others–including the major print publishers–are all on the list. Not only do I take inspiration from these, I am well aware that everyone else reads them or watches them (or if you are reading this blog, you should) and as such I pay attention to what I read and watch. On The Smoking Tire podcast, Matt regularly says that if you want his job, you have to write, and keep practicing writing. This blog is my attempt to heed this advice, because I certainly would love his job.

As such, this blog will be a general place for me to publish articles I write on cars and the automotive world in general. I will try and maintain myself to a schedule, with content coming every Monday and Friday. Some days may be missed though, if I feel a story needs to be polished. It is a one man show here after all.

You can find me on Twitter @SpeedTrapBlog and Instagram @speedtrapstephen.

I own or have regular access to the following:

  • 2007 SRT8 Charger (modified)
  • 2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label (Luxo Daily)
  • 2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost
  • 2002 Ford Focus SVT ZX3 (modified)

*Note*: All images taken from 3rd parties have a source list maintained on the back-end. Due to constraints of the website, the list is not displayed. Contact me using the contact form regarding any source-related questions.

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