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Posting Schedule

Even though this blog is simply my own creation, and is for essentially my own enjoyment, a schedule is still required to get me to do anything with some regularity. As such, I have made up a tentative schedule. While intended to take effect this last Friday the 14th, I injured my ankle, slowing things down.

Mondays will be reserved for a new segment called ‘History Hits’. Every Monday, starting the 24th, an article will be published profiling an interesting car, person, place, or event from automotive history.

Wednesdays will be the day Reviews go up. This is actually the segment with the shortest lifespan, because down the road I will run out of readily available products to review. As such, if a segment needs to be postponed for a week, this is the segment that will get pushed.

Fridays are the day ‘Desktop Drives’ will be posted. This is where I take two or more cars, and do a comparison using the resources we all have available to us. Essentially I try to put myself in the average buyers tools, with their reviews and online builders as my resources. This weeks has been pushed to Sunday.

Hopefully I can keep to this schedule, however some weeks it will get too busy, as I still intend to put up normal news stories as well. Weeks which contain auto shows and large releases may be filled with content related to that as well. I have certainly enjoyed it so far and look forward to writing more. Don’t be shy, and feel free to share me with the world!

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I recently recieved a degree in History from the University of Nevada, Reno.

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