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I’m Not Dead!

SGC10601.JPGJust a quick little update regarding the state of myself and, which are essentially one and the same.

For the past two-ish weeks, I have been the sickest I have ever been in my life. It sucked but I lived. Needless to say I was much to sick to create content. Now that I am better, after I give myself a few days to catch up with real-life, regular content will resume!

Just a reminder as to what that ‘regular content’ consists of:

  • Daily news briefs
  • Monday History Hits–Automotive History that I think is cool that week.
  • Reviews, opinion, more history/some type of article-Wednesday and Friday’s
  • I am also working an in-depth look of the awesome car culture in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California. This is taking two forms, both of which HOPEFULLY won’t be featured on this site. Have a cool car story from the local area? Let me know!

So there it is. I am not dead!



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I recently recieved a degree in History from the University of Nevada, Reno.

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