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Weekend Roundup: 10/6/17-10/8/17


Toyota GR HV Concept ShownCar

The world loves the Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ, yet consistently lust for more power in an officially released model. While only a concept, Toyota’s GR HV Concept set to debut at the Tokyo auto show, could be just what fans have been clamoring for.

Built by Toyota’s Gazoo Racing outfit–also responsible for the upcoming GRMN Yaris–the GR HV takes heavily from its GT86 sibling, albeit with a new front and rear clip, and the addition of a Targa top. Extra power is gained not by the introduction of forced induction, as is the industry norm, but rather by replacing the rear seats of the GT86 with a battery pack. Power from this mid-mounted battery pack is un-reported as of yet, however it is known that it sends power to a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Fans of the clutch pedal may be too quick in condemning the GR HV due to its choice of gearbox, because Toyota has devised an interesting approximation of a manual gearbox. Shifting through park, reverse, neutral, and drive is achieved through a row of buttons on the center stack, while a button marked M enables the use of the shifter, which moves through an H-pattern gate to give the impression of shifting a six-speed manual.

Whether this will truly replace a stick-shift, or merely mimic the fun of a ‘row your own’ gearbox, it does show a glimpse into the future of electric enthusiast cars, as gearboxes are not needed for the most part.

Look for more details on the GR HV when it officially debuts at the Tokyo auto show later this month.

GM Will Launch 20 Electric Cars by 2023


Over the next 18 months, General Motors will begin producing two all-new electric vehicles, featuring no form of internal combustion engine, using the “learnings from the Chevrolet Bolt EV” as the company itself said. Also stated by the company is their intent to launch at least 20 EV’s by 2023.

Due in large part to demand from China, this ’20 by 2023′ plan is a global plan, meaning many of these vehicles could never make it to our shores. While combustion engines have been ruled out, the automaker has clarified that it intends to use a two-pronged approach to electrifying its fleet, using either batteries holding a charge or hydrogen fuel cells for propulsion energy.

With Ford’s earlier announcement of plans to introduce 13 EV models by 2020, this move could show that Detroit has gotten onboard with electrification.

Except you, Chrysler. Keep on giving us the Demons and Trackhawks the world needs.

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