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Daily News: Monday 10/9/17


Hyundai and Bisimoto Create ‘HyperEconiq Ioniq’ for 2017 SEMA Show

For the past two SEMA shows, Hyundai has partnered with insane custom car builder Bisimoto Engineering, led by Bisi Ezerioha, to create eye-grabbing vehicles for their booth. Bisi, best known for monstrous builds such as his 1000+hp Honda Odyssey, took a different approach for the ‘HyperEconiq Ioniq’.

Focusing on “hypermiling” efficiency over power, Bisi has altered the body’s aerodynamic qualities with an aero kit labeled the ‘Bisimoto Dream Aero Kit’, as well as changed the rolling stock with Carbon Revolution 19″ x 5.0″ (so thin!) CR-9 one-piece carbon-fiber wheels and low-rolling resistance, high-silica tires surrounded by wheel covers in the rear.

In the powertrain department, an in-house designed pulse-chamber exhaust system, one-off eco low-friction PurOl Elite Synthetic Oil (0W20), and NGK spark plugs help complete an optimized “inertial supercharging [system] during valve train overlap”.

These technological changes, combined with ‘enhanced e-generators’ helped Bisimoto achieve 83MPG during their tests.  Look for the ‘HyperEconiq Ioniq’ at this years SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Lamborghini Four-Door Sedan? Maybe Soon.


The introduction of the Urus SUV from Lamborghini later this year is opening a great many unopened doors for the company. According to Autocar, this could mean expanding the lineup to further include a four-door sedan.

When asked about the addition of a fourth car to Lamborghini’s lineup, commercial director Federico Foschini said, “The Urus is only at the pre-production phase, and while the goal is to double sales volumes over a few years, we have yet to earn that accolade. But of course we should always be looking to grow. If we can take this first step with [the] Urus—a huge step—then there are possibilities.”

The stars certainly line up for such a car, as the owning group of Lamborghini already has the MSB platform which underpins the 2017 Porsche Panamera and 2019 Bentley Continental GT.

Look for more news on the as-yet named or announced sedan nearing the release of the Urus SUV.

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