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Daily News: Tuesday 11/14/17

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Singer and Williams Release Renderings of Collaborative 911 Recreation

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A few months ago, Singer Vehicle Design and Williams released details on their ultra-modified air-cooled Porsche flat-six, set to be installed in a restored 964. While we knew this engine would make 500hp, not much else was known beyond that.

Today, the two companies have released renderings of the restored 964 that it is going into. While nail-bitingly gorgeous, the Singer 911 is also lightweight as the company used carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, and magnesium throughout. The result is a dry weight of just 2180 lbs, which should move sprightly when powered by the planned engine.

Engine by Singer Vehicle Design and Williams

And oh, what an engine. With intakes molded into the rear quarter windows, the engine is  based off a 3.6-liter flat-six from a 1990 911, but it’s been modified with four camshafts, four-valve cylinder heads, a dual oil circuits, titanium connecting rods, aluminum throttle bodies, carbon fiber intake trumpets, and a carbon fiber air box. All of this means the engine makes the aforementioned 500hp and should rev beyond 9000rpm.

Singer will offer these crazy 911 restoration services to 75 additional clients starting today, so call them up if this sounds appealing. All of the 75 cars will be fully custom units, and prices will vary, but expect them all to carry 7 numbers.

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