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Los Angeles International Auto Show 2017 Day 1


Today was the first day of the Los Angeles International Auto Show, and the focus was on the future of car technology. As such, only Hyundai had a press release, detailing their new SmartCar connectivity suite, as well as a new take on ride-sharing. This ride sharing scheme is currently being trialed in smaller markets, and lets users take an Ioniq out for up to two hours for free, with the costs being covered by advertising both on the car and in the app.


Beyond this, today focused on the future of autonomous cars, and how that will change the market of driving.

As for the exhibits, most of them are still being assembled, and will be open tomorrow, meaning tomorrow will be the Day of Many Pictures.

Below, are a few pictures I was able to take of open exhibits, as well as a chance encounter with the Bollinger B1.

In person, the Bollinger B1, designed as an off-road, 4×4 EV, certainly looks the part, giving off a nicely utilitarian vibe.
Bollinger looks to redesign the ‘Frunk’ many EV’s have into something more akin to a Tonneau-covered pick-up bed, mounted in front. This, combined with a pass-through cubby pictured further below, allows large items to be stored over the total length of the vehicle.
While I am not sure what the vents do on the front quarter panels, they nicely break-up an otherwise un-styled side.
Speaking of sparse styling, look at the interior. That door panel is as bare as can be.
It is good, especially in an EV, to se good ol’ fashioned gauges, rather than digital units–barring the battery meter which must be digital.
A closer shot of the door panel, featuring almost nothing.
This shot perfectly demonstrates the cargo capabilities of the Bollinger B1.
Front or rear, I like the look of the B1.
8 lug wheels adorned with Bollinger’s B show that the B1 means serious business come off-road time.

While I was lucky enough to see the Bollinger B1 as it was being moved, the below two exhibits are the first seen when entering the hall. The first, a Ford GT from the Peterson Automotive Museum allows visitors to experience the car in a mixed reality environment. By putting on Microsoft HoloLens goggles, the car is overlaid with X-ray cutouts and things not normally seen.

Also, it is a stinkin’ Ford GT, and I could look at it all day long. Fun fact: this is the color Ford debuted the new GT with.

The man on the right is wearing the HoloLens glasses.

DSC_1725DSC_1726DSC_1727Lastly, I was introduced to a new electric ‘sports car’ start-up Ampere, with their titular vehicle, the Ampere 1. While it was described to me as a sports car, I am more than a little skeptical, as it is a three-wheeled vehicle technically classified as a motorcycle, and it is FWD. It also didn’t help that the company girls could only quote me the range, and not the power.


Fit and finish of this show car is also less than inspiring.

While the first day was slow, tomorrow is absolutely jam-packed with reveals and press conferences, as well as the exhibit halls finally opening. Check back tomorrow night for more in-depth news and photos!

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I recently recieved a degree in History from the University of Nevada, Reno.

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