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Los Angeles International Auto Show: My Favorites

DSC_2220Below are my favorites from the Los Angeles International Auto Show, in no particular order beyond the first, which is, well, my first pick.

Individual OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer’s) who had particular notable releases will have their own articles written about them, beginning tomorrow. It is also of note that I limited this list to stock, OEM releases: you should be able to walk into a dealership and buy one of these soon.

Mercedes-AMG Project One


Well, maybe you can’t walk in and buy one of these, because I assume that every single one is already spoken for, many, many times over. This car is Mercedes-AMG’s attempt to bring an F1 car to the road.

In that attempt, it seems that they have been fairly successful, as the car is powered by a 1.6L V6 electrically-turbocharged engine lifted directly out of an F1 car. For road use, the engine’s redline has been lowered from 16,000rpm to only 11,000rpm.


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As if that were not enough, the car also has two electric motors, each powering a front wheel, as well as an electric motor aiding the V6 at the transmission. Each of these produces around 160hp, which when added to the V6 make north of 1000hp.

Really wow.

Also, have you seen the pictures? This thing will be road legal? What a world we live in.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

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It is a 707hp Jeep, with a Track mode, Launch Control, and a Tow feature. Need I say more?

Dodge Durango SRT

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707hp too much? Dodge will also sell you a Durango with over 470hp and three rows of seating. Dodge, please keep giving SRT everything you make. We will love you for it.

2018 Jeep ‘JL’ Wrangler


The next generation Jeep Wrangler looks to be more of the same, simply updated and improved, which really is all anyone wants.

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Jeep has added the first turbocharged engine to the lineup with a 2.0L turbo four-cylinder, but really, go with the V6.

On a personal side note, if anyone can tell me what the strange Jeep grille accessory is for the rear spare, I would love a message or an explanation in the comments–Non Jeep Owner Author

BMW i8 Convertible

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With horsepower increase to 376, and a bump in range to go along with it, the i8 convertible looks like an all-around more exciting offering from BMW’s i Division.

I love the rear deck lid, with the headrests forming sloping ramps/bumps behind each occupant.

BMW 8-Series Concept and X7 iPerformance Concept

I include these two concepts in my list of OEM offerings that you will be able to buy, because BMW has promised to begin production of each of these by 2018.

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The BMW 8-Series Concept looks to be near production, as it should be with the 2018 date looming so close. While drivetrains are unkown, we can assume that they will mimic that of the 7-series, as this is designed to be the top Coupe offering from BMW.

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The BMW X7 iPerformance is also designed to be the top offering in BMW’s lineup, albeit BMW’s X-series of cars. Designed as a hybrid three-row luxury SUV, the X7 promises to be very big, and probably very expensive.

Also, lasers….

2019 Corvette ZR1

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It’s a 755hp convertible or Targa-topped Corvette that starts at under $120,000. I repeat; what a world we live in…

Personal Favorite Thing on Display: Hung Race Cars

This one may seem odd, but I love when people hang really pretty cars, as it introduces new angles to the design and viewing, as well as focusing the attention of the physical aspects of the car, over the performance aspects.

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As three different automakers hung up various race cars, I’d say someone agrees with me.

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I recently recieved a degree in History from the University of Nevada, Reno.

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