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Daily News: Monday 1/8/17

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Hyundai Reveals Next-Generation Fuel Cell-Equipped Vehicle: The NEXO

Even in ‘show mode’ it can’t find any stations….

For most of its history, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was a place people could go to see where TV or telephone technology was headed. Now, perhaps as a reflection of the tech-inundated car market, CES is as much a car show as it is a technology show.

Following this trend, Hyundai has taken to the show to display their second-generation Hydrogen-powered vehicle, which they have dubbed the NEXO. Following the Tucson FCEV–the company’s first hydrogen vehicle–the NEXO is better in every measureable way.

Featuring longer ranger, more space, more power, and generally just a better design, the NEXO should go on sale in available markets later this year or early next year. The NEXO is the spearhead of Hyundai’s new eco-friendly lineup, which is to include 18 other eco cars by 2025.

Kia Shows EV Niro Variant at CES

Kia EV

While Hyundai and Kia are trying to differentiate themselves, it only takes a little bit of scratching at the surface to realize that the two companies share development money. As such, the two companies almost reflect each other perfectly when it comes to their ‘green-goals’ with Kia looking to expand its eco-fleet.

While the Hyundai NEXO will appear as a Kia by 2020, Kia did preview their own green car, the Niro EV. Essentially a normal EV crossover, the Niro EV does feature Kia’s–and soon to be Hyundai’s–updated suite of safety features.

The most striking of these safety features is the front ‘grille’ of the Niro EV. As the EV doesn’t need an open grille for air flow, Kia has turned it into a discrete light bar and speaker system, to sense and warn pedestrians that a silent electric car is in the vicinity.


Kia also has detailed various blind spot monitoring systems, auto braking systems, and other updated safety features. More importantly, Kia has announced that they are seeking to commercialize level 4 autonomous driving by 2025, with ‘Smart City’ autonomous testing commencing by 2021.

Look for the Niro EV, with 238 miles of range, later this year.

Mazda 6 May Get AWD Variant for 2018

Mazda 6 Car

Recently Mazda has transplanted the 2.5L turbocharged engine from their CX-line into their Mazda6 sedan, and now it looks like the AWD system may soon follow. While the Mazda6 has traditionally been FWD–except the fun MazdaSpeed6–the market clamors for AWD cars as a means of adding a premium feel.

As the screen-grab from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  shows that may be changing soon:

Mazda 6

While engineers have previously said the structure of the car would not suit an AWD layout, it seems hurdles have been overcome.

Time will tell, and we will probably see later this year.

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