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Daily News: Thursday 1/11/18

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Lotus Reveals Another ‘New’ Car: The GT410 Sport

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surely can’t be the only one confused at this point by Lotus’ lineup. Before, if you wanted a fast, powerful Lotus, you had a couple of choices: either the Evora Sport 410 or the updated, more aerodynamic Evora GT430.

Now, there is a new model to blend the high-downforce of the GT430 with the more mild attitude of the Evora Sport 410, the very similarly named Evora GT410 Sport. While sporting less aerodynamic focus than the full-mental Evora GT430, the GT410 Sport still manages to produce 96kg of downforce.

Powered by a Toyota sourced 3.5L V6, supercharged and intercooled to produce 410hp and slightly over 300lb-ft of torque, the new GT410 Sport accelerates to 60mph in 4.0secs with the 6-speed manual or 3.9secs with the slightly-differently geared 6-speed automatic.

The new GT410 Sport, which is fully homologated in a number of race series, can no be ordered in Europe and some Asian country’s with US and Chinese ordering coming in summer, 2018.

Kia Teases new 2019 Forte Sedan ahead of Auto Show Debut


Kia, ahead of the North American International Auto Show, have released design renderings of the 2019 Kia Forte Sedan slated for release at the show. Taking design cues from the big-brother Stinger, the budget-friendly Forte seems to promise fairly dramatic styling for the segment.

I’ll bet my left pinky that it;

A.) Won’t have those size wheels, or anything like them.

B.) Won’t look nearly as good with actual market-friendly wheels equipped.

Time will tell. Particularly when Kia releases full details of the car on January 15th, 2018 at 11:35ish.




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