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Daily News: Wednesday 1/17/18


BMW Re-Starts Sale of Diesel X3: X3 M May Be On The Way

After the EPA crackdown on less-than-truthful diesels and their emissions, the market was faced with a dearth of diesel offerings. Now, almost two years after the diesel emissions scandal, compression-powered models are beginning to return. For BMW, this has meant the re-introduction of 3 diesel models–two 3-series and a 5-series–and now leads to the re-introduction of a fourth: the X3 Diesel.

The X3 Diesel will be built in Spartanburg, South Carolina and is slated to be re-released in the coming months. BMW has also said that an X3M is not to be ruled out. While a M40i badged X3 already exists, the X3M would receive a full treatment from M, and be aimed to compete more directly with other uber-crossovers like the 503hp Mercedes GLC63 S.

Look for more news on the M powered X3 in the coming months.

Ferrari IS Building an Electric Supercar


Sergio Marchionne’s tenure as the head of FCA and Ferrari is beginning to wind down towards its end, and as it does, the Italian-Canadian seems dead-set on leaving his legacy, one way or the other. Marchionne’s most recent scheme is one sure to anger Ferrari die-hard fans, as he recently said at the Detroit Auto Show that Ferrari was almost assuredly building an electric supercar.

While this means the LaFerrari will not be the only electric (aided) vehicle with the prancing horse, it does expand the brand to further markets. Combined with the upcoming Lamborghini Urus-fighting SUV that Ferrari is working on, it will almost seem like the company is normal.

Shame, that.




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