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Daily News: Thursday 1/25/18


US McLaren Dealer Creates 10-Unit Special Edition: McLaren 570S MSO X

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McLaren prides itself on it’s ‘Special Operations’ unit, the MSO, which creates bespoke orders for individual customers. Now, this MSO group has teamed with US McLaren dealer, McLaren Newport Beach, to create a customer-inspired limited-run, special edition vehicle.

Dubbed the 570S MSO X, as the name suggests the car is based off of the 570S sports car. The MSO X takes its performances inspiration from the current McLaren 570S GT4 race car, with a racing-style rear wing, ‘goose neck’ roof snorkel, and GT4-style hood with intakes. All of these modifications create a ‘MSO aerodynamic package’ which increases airflow to the engine, while increasing downforce by about 260lbs.

The visual inspiration comes from the McLaren F1 GTR endurance racers of the mid-1990’s, with liveries coming directly from these cars. The exterior features extensive use of satin carbon fiber, giving a unique look.

The MSO X further breathes better through a MSO Titanium Super Sports Exhaust, which surely sounds awesome. As the car is still designed to be a road car, albeit on the way to a track, the car comes with vehicle lift and a race air conditioning system, which will surely be appreciated in Southern California, the likely home of these cars.





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