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Desktop Drives: Planned Mods to the Fiesta ST (Within Warranty)


Just tipping over 600 miles, and my planned modifications list for my new 2016 Fiesta ST is complete.  Because it is a lease, I am keeping the modifications light and easy to reverse, as well as keeping ALL of the warranties intact. While this would normally limit me in the extreme, Ford treats its enthusiasts very well–and always has–and the realm of modifications is almost completely open to me. This weeks Desktop Drives is a little different, and will be one that I have been doing in real life. Below are the modifications that I plan to do, in the order that I am going to do them (with window tinting thrown in along the road somewhere).

  1. Fiesta ST Gas Pedal Spacer $54.99

The Fiesta ST has awful pedal placement, bar none. While the pedals themselves are attractive, the gas pedal is set back, and at an angle where heel toeing is very difficult. It is not impossible but it might as well be for regular use.

Stock pedals. The accelerator lurking in the corner….

Luckily for Fiesta ST drivers such as myself, a small company called Active Shift Designs has designed a spacer for the wayward pedal. Simply a hunk of 3D printed plastic, it is a simple solution to a stupid problem. Re-using the factory bolts, the ADS merely acts as a spacer, ensuring simple, reliable install and use.

The spacer in multiple colors. I am getting the black on Christmas Day.

2. Mountune Symposer Delete $39.00

The Fiesta ST features a ‘Sound Symposer’ which essentially pumps a little bit of boost past a microphone in the engine bay, and pumps it into the cabin. While this does make a neat sound, and is a nice mechanical solution to controlling the sound (linking it to boost), many people want to delete it. Luckily Mountune makes a kit–cheaply–for this very reason.

What it looks like installed. It comes with attachments to use it as a source of boost for a boost gauge or other gadget.

Once deleted the Fiesta ST will be allowed to have a more natural sound. If it is stock, such as mine, it will be a quieter ride, with a less growly run up the rev range. For people with an aftermarket exhaust, it lets them hear the rumble and roar of their investment. A minor benefit is the Symposer itself is technically a boost leak–albeit a very tiny one–and deleting it fixes it.

3. Mountune Roll Restrictor / Rear Motor Mount $149.00

Ford does certain things well. Making accessible performance cars for all corners of the market is something Ford excels at. Putting rear motor mounts in those cars that are more sturdy than a Lego house? Not so much. The Fiesta ST does not escape this curse either, and as such the first larger investment I want to make is to replace the culprit.

Mountune will be seen almost exclusively as the parts provider to my Fiesta ST, due to the warranty deals they have with Ford.

I am replacing this sooner than others perhaps might, but for good reason. My 2002 Focus SVT was also plagued by a horrible RMM, and replacing it provided a tangible difference. This is felt most in launching the car and shifting the car hard. Due to my driving habits, it is justifiably early in my list.

4. Mountune Sport Spring Set $269.00

Suspension is tricky no matter what car you have. Individual needs and road conditions have to be considered, and there is no “one-size fits all” solution. When you get married–as I recently have–it gets even trickier, because there is now a 2nd voice that you should listen to. If you are like me, you fear the rub, and ride quality is of an equal priority as performance. Looks are a distant afterthought. Luckily, Mountune again offers a product that seems to fit my bill.

Suspension companies like yellow it seems.

The Mountune Sport Suspension kit uses the stock dampers to keep matters simple. The springs themselves are moderately stiffer (5%), which means that ride quality should be marginally affected. The real change comes from ride-height drop: a meaty 1.1″ in the front and .8″ in the rear. From all my research, it appears that this will result in a rub-less ride, but with my local, awful, roads in Northern California, I am looking forward to trying them.

Mountune’s car, featuring the suspension drop. It also has their front lip, further lowering it visually.

5. Mountune Quick Shift $159.00

This is a simple modification, with simple logic. The Fiesta ST already shifts nicely, with a surprisingly light clutch action. All this kit does is what the name advertises: it quickens the already-good process up. Another one where judgment has to be reserved until trial.

Doesn’t look like much but this is the Quick Shift Kit.

6/7.Mountune RS-R Brake Upgrade Kit $299.00

At this point I will decide what the car needs; brakes or power. Whichever I decide, Mountune has me covered. Their brake kit takes the guesswork out of the classic ‘lines, fluid, pads’ upgrade many drivers want to do. The kit contains steel brake lines–all my cars have them and they are noticeable–and pads which they promise do not increase brake dust, noise, or wear. Good deal. Simply picking up a better fluid seals the deal.

A surprising amount of kit for such a little car.

6/7. Mountune MP215 Performance Upgrade  $999.00

This is the crown jewel of Mountune’s in-warranty modification offerings. Consisting of a air intake system and a ECU flasher, this kit promises an increase from 197hp to 215hp, and 202lb-ft of torque to 236lb-ft. This sounds noticeable, and they promise that it will be with the 0-60 sprint being shaved by a half of a second, and in-gear rolling pulls even more dramatically improved.

Mountune’s own Dyno graph from their website.

To maintain the warranty, this, along with all of the other parts, must be installed by either Mountune (which they will do for free in Southern California!) or by a certified Ford dealership, no matter how simple they appear. If you do not live in the Los Angeles area, be prepared to spend a fair amount on dealer labor rates as well.

A simple kit with dramatic results.

Think I am missing something, making a mistake, or these are in the wrong order? Let me know! Like, comment, and share down below!


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