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Daily News: Wednesday 8/2/17

HeaderMazda Updates the Mazda3

The Mazda3 sedan and five-door hatch have received very mild updates for the 2018 model year. The two most important updates are the proliferation of the larger 2.5L SKYACTIV engine through the range, and the inclusion of Mazda’s exclusive G-Vectoring control. The 2.5L SKYACTIV engine is now available on the lower Touring trim, as opposed to the Grand Touring it was previously limited to. The motor, as well as its smaller 2.0L brother, can be paired with a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.

Mazda’s G-Vectoring is a proprietary technology which uses the engine to put a minute amount of weight on the front tires, making steering inputs more surefooted and increasing peace of mind with the goal of improving stability. Essentially, the car should handle better, with no detriments to the driving experience. Look for these changes at select dealers now, and everywhere at the end of August.

Nissan Adds Rear Door Alert for 2018Nissan

One day, a Nissan developer left lasagna in their back seat, and the resulting smell from hours of closed-door lasagna stewing prompted the engineer to help prevent similar situations in future Nissans: after all, it may be something more important than a lasagna. The system uses a series of distinct honks to alert drivers that there may be something important in their rear seat. The system determines when to alert drivers based on the rear latch system. If it was opened and closed before driving, but not after the doors were locked, it will notify drivers. The system can be configured and personalized in the instrument cluster.

The feature will be available on certain 2018 Nissans.

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