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Weekend Roundup: 9/1/17-9/4/17

HeaderPorsche Embracing ‘Simple Ethos’ of 911 R in Future Models 911RSpeaking to Autocar magazine, Porsche R&D boss Michael Steiner hinted that stripped-out, fun to drive models such as the 911 R could be in the company’s future, saying the company sees, “potential for more purist versions of sports cars with no limitations”.

As 911 R’s are still trading well above MSRP, and the demand is voraciously there for such a model, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Steiner stated, “What we learned is that there are more and more customers who enjoy pure, fun-to-drive sports cars. Porsche always has some limited as well as unlimited sports cars. For pure sports cars, there’s no need for limitation.”

Whether Steiner is referring to future special edition models or the long-rumored wingless ‘Touring Package’ for the GT3 remains to be seen. With around two years left in the 991.2 generation product-cycle, Porsche better get a move on.

Cummins Beats Tesla: Say Hello to the First EV Semi-Truck Cummins

While Cummins may be the name in diesel, it seems even they are looking towards a fossil fuel-less future, with the introduction of their Urban Hauler Tractor concept. Cummins say that this vehicle, which they call AEOS, previews, “a series of next-generation, energy-diverse products”.

Featuring a 140kw battery package, which Cummins claims is more energy dense than other company’s, the truck has a city-friendly range of just 100 miles. Due to the nature of the design however, the battery packs are modular, and can be ‘hot swapped’ for an instant refueling, or linked to increase range, up to an extendable 300 miles.

The Class 7 tractor-trailer–a Class 8 is also available–will also have a diesel generator on board as a n option, which provides 50% better fuel economy than current diesel hybrid big rigs. The battery pack weighs roughly equivalent to the total weight of a 12L Cummins diesel engine, with fuel tank and transmission.

While this concept depicts a cab, Cummins is not looking to manufacture the entire vehicle, and rather seeks to continue specializing in powerplants.

Jeep JK Production Hangs in for One More Year JKWhile it is known that the current-generation of Jeep, the JK, is on its way out, to be replaced by a new generation dubbed the ‘JL’, the timeline of this transition is not known. As FCA has just announced that the JK production line will continue, with a few model changes for 2018, this model transition looks to be slated for the middle of the 2018 model year, or the beginning of the 2019 model year.

These model changes are as simple as can be, with the introduction of two new special-edition visual upgrade packages, dubbed the Golden Eagle model and the Altitude model. On top of these two visual packages, all 2018 Jeep Wranglers will feature a new “Wrangler JK” decal on the drivers side front quarter panel.

This clear distinction as the ‘JK’ Wrangler could mean they plant to sell it alongside the new ‘JL’ generation. Look for more news at or before the late November Los Angeles Auto Show.

New British Start-Up Alcraft Seeks to Produce EV Shooting Brake Alcraft

David Alcraft, who heads a successful pharmacy company, must love a challenge. He recently announced the creation of his very own electric car company, called Alcraft Motor Company, and in doing so, announced a lofty, challenging sounding set of goals for the new start-up.

The main goal of the Alcraft Motor Company is to build the first electric Shooting Brake, with performance and range to rival the Tesla Model S. On top of these performance goals, two body styles will be on offer, a standard shooting brake with over 500 liters of cargo space, or a 2+2 variant, with more seats and less cargo space.

Not only does Alcraft hope to build the first tesla-fighting, EV shooting brake in two different variants, he hopes to have a production model ready for sale in 2019 at a target price of $185,000.

To aid in this goal, Alcraft has started crowd-funding his project, as well as recruiting a strong starting team of individuals and suppliers. These individuals include Charles Morgan and Matthew Humphries, designer of the controversial Morgan Aeromax. Companies signed onto the project include Michelin for the tires, Continental for the safety systems, and Silverstone-based EV experts Delta Motorsport. Delta is most recently known for also supplying Ariel with their range-extender for their 1180hp Hypercar.

Two years to start a company from a concept, build a prototype, and certify it for production, as well as starting production? Yeah, talk about ambitious.

Stephan Winkelmann Leaves Audi Sport for Bugatti StephanPer a report from Autocar Stephan Winkelmann will leave his posting as CEO of Audi Sport to head Bugatti, remaining within the VW group. Current Bugatti boss Wolfgang Dürheimer is expected to remain chairman of Bentley.

Winkelmann oversaw a short period at Audi Sport, which included the launch of the new R8 Spyder and RS 5 Coupe, as well as the overall company name change. Before this, he led Lamborghini for 11 years, seeing dealers triple and the brand prosper like never before.

Current head of Audi Sport’s China sales division, Michael-Julius Renz, will take the reins of the overall company. He also led the sales efforts in Germany.



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