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Cops and Rodders Show & Shine & Fly In


This last weekend, the California Highway Patrol partnered with various other law enforcement agencies and put on a car show which they called Cops and Rodders, conveniently located in my in-laws neighborhood. While the name is pretty dang awesome, the show itself was even better, as my in-laws live in an airplane-friendly neighborhood. What this means, is that the two-lane streets are about 5 times larger than normal, to allow for planes to travel from the homes—most of which have hangers—to the communities connected airport.

These wide roads were not only perfect for staging a car show with plenty of space to move around, but also allowed the show to be a Show ‘n Shine & Fly-in. The show was filled not only with cool cars and trucks—including historical and modern police vehicles—but also some fantastic flying machines.

Here are some of the pictures I have taken. If you have any questions about a car pictured, contact me through the comments below or the contact form above, and I will try my hardest to get you the details on the car.

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