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Daily News: Monday 10/16/17


Mercedes Electric Vehicle Efforts Consolidated Under One Brand: Mercedes EQ


Mercedes has taken advantage of the Frankfurt Auto Show in their backyard, and has recently debuted an entirely new sub-brand a la AMG. Called EQ Power-or EQ Power+ in high output products–the new sub-brand will focus on anything that has a plug or uses electrons for propulsion.

Mercedes-Benz recently announced a plan to invest more than $10 billion in electronic-powered mobility—culminating in 10 fully electric vehicles by 2022. These cars will cover the entire spectrum of vehicles, ranging from a plug-in Smart car, to the bonkers AMG Project One hyper-ultra-mega-supercar.

The badging will be used in Europe late this year; but it isn’t coming to the United States that soon. Existing U.S.-market plug-in hybrids won’t get the EQ Power name until close to the end of the year, with changes in the 2019 model year. The refreshed S560E, as shown at Frankfurt, isn’t due until mid-2019, and will be the first American-bound car to bear the EQ badge.

McLaren F1 No. 060 For Sale; Never Used, Perfectly Preserved


The McLaren F1 is one of the most sought after hypercars, yet can be difficult to find if you didn’t get one in 1992-1998 when they were produced. That, combined with the condition of the car, makes the sale of the Dandelion Yellow example above a news-worthy event: the car has only traveled 148.5 miles (all pre-delivery) and has every piece of factory-included detail included with the sale.

This ultra-low mileage example was bought in Japan, never registered, and sat on for an investment. It seems the time to cash out has come, with the seller claiming that it, “is highly likely to be the most valuable road car in the world in years to come.” Considering the fact this is probably the last new McLaren F1 on this Earth, they might just be right, especially when one counts what is included.

With the car comes totally complete with its leather-cased owners handbooks, the Facom tool chest, tool roll with its original gold-plated titanium tools, full luggage set still in factory protective wrapping, spare keys plus the ultra-rare commemorative TAG Heuer watch with the chassis number engraved on the face. The watch is even completely unused.

On top of all of that, the car was ordered new with special features such as a LM style spare exhaust, an additional GTR style steering wheel with F1 logo in the center painted in matching exterior color, passenger over-carpets and a windscreen strip, all of which have never been opened and still accompany the car. Other special order features include a removable steering wheel finished in suede, a carbon drivers seat with F1 logo, yellow insert straps on the drivers seat and the hand-painted signature of F1 designer Gordon Murray on the rear right-hand side of the body.

Damn. To be wealthy.

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