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Daily News: Thursday 11/2/2017

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Ferrari Threatens to Leave Formula One

Ferrari F1

Earlier this week, Formula One announced new rules regulating regarding powertrains, in a move to homogenize the competition and make the ease of entry for smaller teams more bearable. Well, it turns out Ferrari–being the large engine manufactuer they are–seems to like the status quo, and has threatened to leave the series of the rule changes.

While dramatic sounding, there is plenty of time for something to be worked out, as the new rule changes do not take effect until 2021. Ferrari is not unfamiliar with threatening to leave the series, and the company has yet to go through with their threats in the past.

As Marchionne is in a bit of a war of words with Liberty Media (F1’s owners), claiming they seek to turn the sport into “global NASCAR”, drama was to be expected.

Gordon Murray of McLaren F1 Fame Previews New F1-Inspired Sports Car

Gordon Murray Car

Gordon Murray, of McLaren F1 legendary fame, released the first sketch of his next automobile design venture, this time undertaken by his own company IGM.


What a beauty…

IGM–which stands for its founder’s initials, Ian Gordon Murray–will be built using Murray’s own iStream manufacturing process. The second development of this process sees high-strength aluminum tubes forming the chassis, with composite body panels bonded to it.

Lightness is the name of the game with the new car, with Murray stating that a body-in-white example will be 50 percent lighter than an equivalent stamped steel unit, and will offer more durability and rigidity.

Gordon Murray Design didn’t release too many other details on this new car, but it did say that it’ll have “some of the most advanced aerodynamics yet seen on a road car.” This leads me to hope that the car has Pagani Huayra-esque active body panels.

The UK publication Autocar has further details on the car. The magazine reports that the car will be of a traditional two-seat layout, and it’ll be powered by a transverse-mounted turbocharged three-cylinder engine. That motor should produce around 150 bhp and send its power to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox. Autocar also says be built in low volumes, and it’ll only come as a coupe.

I just can’t wait to see one in the flesh.



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