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Petersen Automotive Museum Pictures


While I was down in Los Angeles for the Los Angeles International Auto Show, I made a point of visiting a couple automotive landmarks; Angeles Crest and the Peterson Automotive Museum. Well, after blasting through the canyons of Angeles Crest–right past Matt Farah–I made my way over to the Peterson Automotive Museum.

Below are some of my favorite pictures from the museum. If you have any questions about a specific car, ask away in the comments, however I am not detailing each, individual car because this post is meant to serve as inspiration to visit the museum–and find out more–rather than a replacement for a visit.

Without further ado:

Some Ferrari’s:

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Some Race Cars:

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Some Bugatti’s:

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Movie and TV ‘Star’ Cars:

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Best of the Rest:

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If you would like to plan your visit–which you should–you can visit this page here, and if you would like to donate to the Petersen Automotive Museum, you can do so here.

Again, if you have any questions on a specific car, ask in the comments and I will provide all of the information I can.

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I recently recieved a degree in History from the University of Nevada, Reno.

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