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Daily News: Monday 12/11/17


Volkswagen Updates Compliance System to Head Off Another Future Dieselgate

VW Roll Coal
Photo Credit: TDI Coal Rollers Facebook Page

Over the past two years, Volkswagen has spent an estimated $30B USD dealing with the aftermath of the diesel emissions cheating scandal. Considering that number doesn’t lead to profits, that is a huge investment for Volkswagen.

Currently, that $30B USD is–in part–funding a series of compliance checks among VW brands, totaling 25 checks across the board. In a move to both simplify costs and ensure a ‘Dieselgate’-type situation doesn’t happen again, the company is consolidating these checks into a single check.

This move is being executed in the hopes of simplifying the production costs of VW products. Simultaneously to this move, the company is strengthening internal whistleblower system, to enable employees a safe group of VW employees to bring concerns of corruption and lawlessness to.

Lets hope it works.

Editors Note: My press release service is down, so this article may be updated as it becomes live later in the day.

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