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Weekend Roundup: 1/26/18-1/28/18

Genesis Header

Genesis Establishes Independent US Dealer Network

2017 Genesis G80

Genesis, in a joint announcement with parent company Hyundai Motor America, has revealed the company’s future sales plan. The focus of this plan revolves around the establishment of a distinct Genesis retail network, separate from Hyundai dealers which already exist.

Current dealers who participate in the Genesis Participation Agreement scheme with Hyundai will be offered the first opportunity to apply for a Genesis franchise. Throughout 2018, Genesis hopes to build their network of dealers to 100 locations, covering all of the key US markets. While they will allow current Hyundai dealers to use current Hyundai locations, the company expects standalone locations within three years.

Genesis hopes to improve the luxury standing of the brand, as well as improving the company’s standing with current–and potentially repeat–customers. Look for your local Genesis-specific dealer in the next few years.

Mercedes-Benz Teases A-Class Ahead of Feb. 2 Debut, Sedan Coming to US

Merc A Series

Mercedes has teased images of its new A-Class before, however they have all been of the interior of the new baby-sedan. Now, the company has revealed their first shot of the exterior, ahead of the debut on February 2, in Amsterdam.

Normally, American’s would have ample reason to not care about this car, however Mercedes has confirmed that the sedan is coming to the US, based below the CLA. The availability of the hatchback model is unknown.

Look for more Mercedes A-Class news on February 2nd.


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