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Daily News: Tuesday 2/20/18

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Lotus Unveils New 3-Eleven 430: Lightweight, Street-Legal Track Monster


Lexus has debuted a new version of their most niche vehicle, the 3-Eleven. The 3-Eleven differs from the other vehicles the company offers by being even more extreme than the already extreme Lotus line-up.

Debuting in 2015, the 3-Eleven is a lightweight, extremely rigid, roof-less design that is supposed to provide the ‘purest and most direct’ driving experience. In 430 form, the 3-Eleven features a supercharged 3.5L V6 making 430hp, feeding power to the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual transmission. This combination is good for a 0-60sec time of 3.2secs.

To control this power, Lotus has installed a 6-position traction control, which allows a range of slip from ‘off’–or 100% slip–to between 1% and 12% of slip.

The 3-Eleven 430 is available now as part of a limited-to-20 production run, with a starting price of £102,000.

Mercedes Further Teases their AMG GT Four-Door Ahead of Geneva Motor Show

AMG Teaser 1

Mercedes-AMG has released further teaser images of their four-door addition to the AMG GT family. These images don’t provide any new information, but show the new GT in a number of environments.

Oh, and some sweet camo designs.

Amg Teaser 2

Lexus Announced It’s New UX Crossover Will Debut at Geneva Motor Show

Lexus UX

Lexus has announced that they will be debuting a new crossover at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, marking the company’s 5th addition to their SUV lineup. Dubbed the ‘UX’ crossover, the new vehicle is set to be the smallest SUV/CUV on offer from Lexus.

Little is known about the new vehicle, however Lexus will also use the Geneva Motor Show to mark the European debut of their RX L SUV and LF-1 Limitless concept.

The Lexus Press Conference will take place on March 6th at 10am, Geneva time, so stay tuned for more Lexus news.


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