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Welcome the 2017 Lincoln Black Label Continental to the Fleet


No, no, I did not hit it big and buy a Lincoln Continental, nor have I managed to snag myself a press car; rather I am lucky enough that I will be driving a 2017 Lincoln Black Label Continental during business hours for my job. As I will be the sole driver of the car, and played a strong hand in picking the car out and getting the car, I feel justified in adding it to my mental The Speed Trap fleet. Today will be the introduction, with all of the facts and options you could want on the car, as well as some juicy photos. My review of the car, as well as the Black Label leasing process, will be posted next week, with all of my initial opinions and feelings on the car.

For now, the facts: this isn’t the Lincoln we wanted, but rather the one our dealer had on the lot without a 16-week waiting period. This is not a bad thing, as the only differences in the car we wanted and the car we got is the driven wheels—not a big deal as you will see next week—and the color. We wanted a black Black Label car, with the ‘Thoroughbred’ interior—that’s a fancy way of saying black and brown leather. Rather, the car we received is white with the white and grey ‘Chalet’ interior theme.  The wheels are the standard 20in Black Label affair, shod in stock rubber: nothing has been changed as of yet, although a tint is going on on the 15th, which was the earliest. The wheels, interior leather theme, and outside appearance, all come with the ‘Black Label’ option package, and as extras, our car has the following:

·         Technology Package

·         Cold Weather Package

·         Rear Seat Package

·         30-way Power Front Seats

While four options may not sound that extravagant, not only does the Black Label trim come fairly loaded, many options are rolled into those simple three groups. The technology package adds a 360 camera, various automatic park assists, automatic lane keeping assist, a HUD, and other technical niceties, which tend to focus on making the car safer and easier to handle. The Cold Weather Package ensures that everything that needs to be heated, is, including the steering wheel. The Rear Seat Package adds massage, heat, cooling, and reclining options to the rear seats, as well as providing rear passengers with their own center console featuring car controls. This package also rolls in the twin-panel moonroof, so the back-seat passengers have something to look at.  The front seat options ensure the front passengers are just as comfortable, with 30 ways to adjust their seats, as well as having heat, cool, and massage features built in.

In terms of the standard Black Label coming fully loaded, the car was already equipped with all of the Alcantara and Venetian leather that comes standard with the trim, as well as magnetic suspension and adaptive steering which can be tuned by the driver. A 17-speaker sound system is powered by Sync 3, and all of the expected Bluetooth features and such are available. One notable feature are the biggest brakes I have ever seen on a non-performance car, quoted on Lincolns site as 18″ Front Twin Piston Brakes/17″ Rear Solid Brakes, which are bigger than my Fiesta ST’s wheel diameter. Safety first!

So that is the car as it was delivered to us. Again, for my opinion on the car and the Black Label experience, remember to come back next week. For now, enjoy these nice pictures of the car!





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I recently recieved a degree in History from the University of Nevada, Reno.

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