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Daily News: Monday 12/4/2017


Lamborghini Reveals First SUV: Meet the Urus


Lamborghini, champion–some may say inventor–of the bright, loud, and brash supercar has finally crumbled to the pressure of the modern-era. In the quest for the ever-increasing profit margin, the Italian automaker has announced the company’s first-ever SUV of the modern formula.

While fan boys everywhere have been shouting “The LM002 came first!”, we all know that is more of a military vehicle, rather than a daily-usable SUV, much like the first civilian HUMMERs. The Urus is most certainly not a military vehicle, instead being based on the underpinnings of the Audi Q7.

If that sounds dreary for an SUV, Lamborghini has done everything in their power to dissuade owners and passerby of this notion. One look at the aggressive front and rear fascia’s pictured above show that this is not a normal SUV, as will the standard, shouting, bright Lamborghini colors.

Tucked behind that aggressive front end is not the V10 or V12 the world hoped for, but instead a twin-turbo 4.0L V8 borrowed from Audi’s RS line. Lamborghini has tweaked this all-aluminum engine to produce 650hp and nearly 630lb-ft of torque, and sends all of this shove through an 8-speed automatic to all four wheels. The standard torque-split is 40/60 front and rear, with up to 70% of the torque able to be sent to the front, and 87% to the rear.

Those numbers translate to a 0-60 time of around 3.5secs, and a top speed of nearly 190mph. In an SUV, with your family, and maybe your dog.


To ensure that the Urus has at least some off-road chops, as buyers expect of their SUV, Lamborghini has added a ‘Tamburo’ drive select mode, with three new-to-Lamborghini drive modes. These begin with ‘NEVE’, which is the snow mode, as well as a ‘TERRA’ setting and ‘SABBIA’ setting, which stand for off-road and sand respectively.

Owners can expect a fitting interior, with classic Lamborghini styling cues throughout. Interested shoppers can place their orders now, with prices starting at $200,000USD excluding tax and delivery.

Deliveries begin in Spring, 2018.

GM Adds ‘Marketplace’ to Infotainment Systems, Distracts Drivers Everywhere

GM Doughnuts

Today, millions of drivers of General Motors vehicles have the option to update their infotainment systems to allow them to access two new features, the ‘Marketplace’ and the ‘Shop’. These two new pages on the infotainment will allow drivers to look for, reserve, and pay for certain services in the area.

The brands available at launch include (From GM’s press release):

  • GM lets customers buy 4G LTE Data packages, extend their OnStar subscription or receive offers for certified service, parts and accessories for their specific vehicle.
  • Starbucks offers another convenient way for customers to order ahead and enjoy their favorite handcrafted beverage or food item. And as part of the Starbucks Rewards™ program, members enjoy more value by earning Rewards towards free food and drink. (Early 2018)
  • Dunkin’ Donuts will help customers start their day off right through an experience that allows DD Perks members to preorder and pay onscreen for their favorite coffee and donut, at their preferred pickup location.
  • Wingstop will allow you to skip the wait by re-ordering your favorites and paying ahead, so you can get home in time for the big game
  • TGI Fridays will let customers schedule a table reservation for them and their closest friends and family when they need a break from the week.
  • Shell will enable the exceptional driver experience, providing ease of payment and savings with INSTANT GOLD STATUS in the Fuel Rewards® program. Customers’ closest Shell station will be identified and station amenities showcased among the largest fuel station network in the U.S., with the ability to pay in-dash coming soon.
  • ExxonMobil will quickly locate Exxon and Mobil fuel stations with details of what they offer, route you there and get you back on the road faster.
  • gives drivers access to hundreds of thousands of hotels and exclusive hotel savings on the go.
  • Parkopedia allows drivers to find, reserve and pay for parking, all at the click of a button.
  • Applebee’s ensures customers are never too far from Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood whether close to home or miles away with the ability to locate their nearest restaurant, order featured menu items and reorder recent favorites through the convenience of their vehicle’s touchscreen.
  • IHOP makes it easy for guests to enjoy hot, fresh all-day breakfast favorites like fluffy buttermilk pancakes on the go, thanks to safe and secure on-dash ordering and location service capabilities that help search and find the nearest restaurant for pickup.
  • empowers the neighborhood economy by enabling customers to order online from their favorite local restaurants, wine and spirits shops, grocery stores and laundry and dry-cleaning providers.

While I am sure many people will find this convenient, I can’t help but think of all of the distracted drivers this will add to the road. Despite ‘streamlining’ the process through the car’s infotainment screen, the driver will still have to take their attention away from the road to hunt and peck through menus and selections to find the time, location, and service they want.

It all sounds a little scary to me.

If you want to distract yourself further, and own a GM vehicle equipped with 4GLTE, you can update your infotainment currently.

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