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Daily News: Thursday 2/22/18

Santa Fe Header

Hyundai Debuts 2019 Santa Fe SUV: Now With Diesel!

Sante Fe

Hyundai has today revealed their newest vehicle, the fourth-generation Santa Fe SUV. While previous iterations of this vehicle have been notable due to their blandness, the new Santa Fe looks to freshen up styling with a whole new look.

I like it.

The last generation Santa Fe was called the ‘Santa Fe Sport’ for the normal, two-row SUV and simply ‘Santa Fe’ for the extended wheelbase three-row SUV. Now, Hyundai has labeled the two-row the ‘Santa Fe’ and the three-row the ‘Santa Fe XL’, while adding a third vehicle, the ‘Santa Fe Diesel’.

Two gasoline options are on offer; either a 2.4L naturally aspirated unit or a 2.0L turbocharged four-banger. A 2.2L diesel is available for the first time, with the Diesel model featuring a small third-row of seating which can be folded away. All-wheel drive or front-wheel drive are available with power being sent through an 8-speed automatic.

Expect the Santa Fe to be available for order soon.

First Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross CUV’s Arrive in America

Eclipse Cross

Mitsubishi Motors North America has received the first shipment of the brands newest vehicle, the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross CUV. Going on sale in March for a starting price of $23,295, the Eclipse Cross is a small crossover with a focus on style, technology, and low price.

Powered by a 1.5L turbocharged direct-injected engine powering either all four wheels or jus the front, the Eclipse Cross follows the Outlander PHEV as Mitsubishi’s second new vehicle for 2018.

Expect to see the Eclipse Cross on the road soon.

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