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Range Rover/Land Rover: The Most with the Least


Recently, I started thinking about automaker’s lineups, and more specifically, which automaker did the most—in terms of sales—with the least variance in their models. At first, I thought about American newcomer Alfa Romeo, however I quickly discounted them: after all, they have a sports car (4C), a sedan (Giula), and an SUV (Stelvio). Not only did that seem like a complete lineup to me, I also had to consider what was being achieved with that lineup: could you really claim Alfa Romeo was doing ‘the most’ with their range? Jeep was a contender for this unsavory title, as their line-up is entirely SUVs and CUVs. However, the price range within their models—ranging from a sub-$20k Renegade to a $100k Trackhawk—means they actually do quite a lot with their range.

But they did get me thinking: it could really only be one brand. Range Rover/Land Rover.

The entire Range Rover/Land Rover lineup.

Similarly to Jeep, Range Rover/Land Rover (RR/LR) has a model range that starts and ends with SUV’s. Despite this singular focus, RR/LR has an impressively large lineup of five vehicles, each of which also often has distinct sub-models within. And while it may not seem like it at first glance, the company’s price range is actually wider than that of Jeep’s, as their cheapest vehicle begins at a little under $38k, while their most expensive offerings start at $177k. On top of that, they have different vehicles for the same job, which may seem like they would step on their own toes in terms of sales; however, this model choice allows customers further options within the same brand.


For example, if you need to transport a lot of stuff and people, you have a few options within the RR/LR range. The Land Rover Discovery Sport—starting under $40k—can be all the vehicle you will ever need, but if you want something more, than Range Rover has their namesake vehicle for sale, which starts at $87k and ranges all the way north of $200k. While it does most everything the Discovery Sport does, the extra cost allows shoppers to get just what they need.

I think it is safe to say that most people that order one of these choose a few options, bringing that price north of $200k. Sheesh.

This choice-heavy model range continues into realms that one may not think of Land Rover or Range Rover. For instance, the company makes a convertible SUV in the form of their two-door Evoque, as well as a plug-in hybrid in the form of the PHEV Range Rover. This availability of choice, as well as the unexpected price range, means that in my opinion, Land Rover and Range Rover are doing the most with what they have, turning what could be a bland model line into something rife with choice.

Want to mess around building your own Land Rover or Range Rover? Go check out their online configurator HERE, and post what you made down in the comments! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the blog to stay up-to-date.

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