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2017: A Year of Fiesta ST Modifications in Review

HeaderAs I write this, there is no denying that 2017 is well and truly behind us. While it has been an interesting year in the world of politics and intrigue, none of that really matters, because it was also the first year I had with my 2016 Fiesta ST. Those of you who have followed the site for awhile will know that I have not kept my Fiesta ST stock, and with the coming of a new year also came the opportunity to look back at everything that I modified and improved on my Fiesta.

2017 saw my Fiesta ST as a completely stock 2016 example of the car, however it did not stay that way for long. Almost immediately into 2017, I began modifying the car, and I haven’t stopped since. While I could look up the order I executed the modifications, it doesn’t really matter, and as such, I am mostly going to list the modifications in a ‘nose-to-tail’ manner. I also performed way too many modifications to picture or review them all in this article, and as such, will mostly limit myself to a sentence or two on each modification. If you have any questions or interest in any particular modifcations, let me know down below in the comments so I can fully detail it.

Without further ado, the list:

  • Mountune Symposer Delete
  • Active Shift Designs Accelerator Pedal Spacer
  • ‘Sto n Show’ License Plate Bracket w/ BumperPlugz
  • VelossaTech Big Mouth Intake
  • Cobb Drop-In Air Filter
  • Cobb Rear Motor Mount (RMM)
  • ISC N1 Coilovers
  • Enkei EV5 17×7 +45 offset Wheels
  • 215/45/17 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires – Used Up
  • 205/40/17 (stock size) Firestone Indy 500 Tires -Current
  • Mountune Stainless Steel (SS) Brake Lines
  • Mountune RS-R Brake Pads Front and Rear
  • Motul 660 Brake Fluid
  • Boomba Wing Risers
  • Cobb AccessPort w/ Stage One OTS Tune + A-Pillar Mount
  • Window Tint
  • Lamin-X Fog Light Tint (Amber)
  • Old Shark Dash Cam -Hardwired

Whew. Hopefully now it is clear why each doesn’t get its own picture and a full review…

Mountune Symposer Delete


I have actually written a couple of articles about this piece, including my opinion on engine sound enhancers in general. Long story short, I prefer to hear the sound of the engine as it naturally is, even if it is muted by a turbocharger.

No regret

Active Shift Designs Accelerator Pedal Spacer


This is another modification I have already written about. I didn’t like where the accelerator pedal was, and this promised to move it to a better position easily and safely.

It delivered.

‘Sto n Show’ License Plate Bracket w/ BumperPlugz


Most cars, especially Ford’s ST products. Look dramatically better without an ugly front license plate bracket, especially when they are as intrusive as they are in my home state of California. Running without a front plate is illegal though, so ‘outside the box’ thinking was required. I turned to two products, BumperPlugz and a ‘Sto n Sho’ license plate bracket.

Removing a front bracket drilled into the front bumper would normally leave ugly holes remaining, however BumperPlugz sells paint-matched body screws that fit the remaining hole, sealing it shut and preserving the body lines. Worked as promised.

The ‘Sto n Sho’ bracket installs under the front bumper, and offers an easy way to remove or install a front license plate in seconds. Drive around with it installed, and at a show or the track, pull a pin, stash the plate, and your front is unblemished.

I couldn’t be happier with this combination.

VelossaTech Big Mouth Intake

Essentially a snorkel into the stock airbox—or an aftermarket airbox, however mine feeds a stock unit—the product promises performance gains and other such things to get people to buy it.

I think it looks bitchin’ and at the cost of less than $200, that was good enough for me. It really makes my front-end pop.

Cobb Drop-In Air Filter

I am of the camp of people that thinks stock airboxes in most cars, especially performance oriented cars, breathe perfectly fine for most tuning applications these days, and adding an aftermarket intake is more trouble than it is worth. As such, I have limited myself to replacing the stock, restricting filter with a Cobb drop in unit, and installing the aforementioned snorkel.

As a bonus to any performance gains, it lets you hear the turbocharger more!

Cobb Rear Motor Mount (RMM)


If there is one modification every ST driver could benefit from, it is a Rear Motor Mount of some kind. Replacing my stock unit with this one was night and day in terms of performance gains, with negligible downsides.

Seeing as it was the same with my Focus SVT from the turn of the Millennium, maybe Ford just can’t make a good RMM…

ISC N1 Coilovers

ISC Suspension

Surprisingly, I found the stock Fiesta ST’s ride to be bouncy, if fun in the bends. I figured I could get the same, if not better performance results, while eliminating the uncomfortable bouncing, simply by installing a good coilover kit.

I was right.

Read the review here.

Enkei EV5 17×7 +45 offset Wheels


Nothing has changed the look of my car more than putting on these wheels. While they initially reminded me of the wheels on a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer O.Z. Rally Edition, I quickly overcame my reservations. I think the car looks stunning on them.

As they are 4lbs lighter a corner than the stock wheels, the ride has improved slightly, as has the feel of the car in corners.

What do you think? To ‘Tuner-y’ for a domestic car? Let me know down in the comments below!

215/45/17 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires – Used Up

While I was on stock wheels, I decided to experiment with a different tire size, increasing both the sidewall and the width measurements. While providing marginally better grip and ride comfort over the stock size, the increased cost of this tire size—about $50 more a tire—made me try a stock-size tire again.

Sadly, Michelin Pilot Super Sports are not made in 205/40/17 size. That is my favorite tire currently.

205/40/17 (stock size) Firestone Indy 500 Tires -Current

Going back to stock size meant leaving my favorite brand of tire. Rather than dwell on the matter, I decided to look on it as an opportunity to test out another option. I decided to go with Firestone Indy 500 tires, as the price was right and the reviews seemed heartening. In fact, the reviews seemed to indicate that the Indy 500 line of tires may be a serious performance bargain for the daily driver.

As I just finished breaking mine in for 500 miles, my opinion is still forming. Check back in the future for a full review!

Mountune Stainless Steel (SS) Brake Lines

Mountune Brakes

Just as I tint the windows on all my cars, if I plan to regularly drive my car in a spirited manner—and let’s face it, the answer is always ‘I do’—I install SS brake lines on the vehicle. As such, one of the very first modifications I did was installing SS brake lines, filled with better fluid, leading to better pads.

Don’t ignore your brakes, people.

Mountune RS-R Brake Pads Front and Rear

Mountune Brakes

The stock brake pads were fine, but it must be said they were the dustiest brake pads I have ever used, even from the aftermarket. I think this is to ensure they do not squeak. Going to Mountune brake pads provided increased performance, less dust, and only occasionally squeaks.

A+ in my book.

Don’t. Ignore. Your. Brakes. People.

Motul 660 Brake Fluid

For cars taken on a track—something I did with my Fiesta a few times—it is important to have a brake fluid that can handle the heat of heavy use. This is especially important in modern cars that use the brakes to modulate direction and wheel speed. While I could get away with Motul 600, going to 660 wasn’t much of a detriment for the provided bonus.

Don’t! Ignore! Your! Brakes! People!

Boomba Wing Risers


The Fiesta ST is already an aggressive little car as it comes from the factory, however I wanted to differentiate mine and make it more aggressive by raising the wing at an angle. Boomba seemed the way to go.

Read the review here.

Cobb AccessPort w/ Stage One OTS Tune + A-Pillar Mount

Ah, tuning. How I love the easy power you give me. For anyone interested in easy power who has a turbocharged car, always consider tuning as a route to success. I am using Cobb’s AccessPort and their Stage One tune.

As an added bonus, my Cobb AccessPort is semi-permanently installed in my car via an A-pillar mount, providing me gauges in an easy to see, discrete place.

Window Tint


I tint all my cars, and you should too.

Find out why in my article here.

Lamin-X Fog Light Tint (Amber)


Fog lights can catch rocks all the time, so protective film is always a nice idea. When applying mine, I decided to go with an amber color, because I like that ‘rally car’ look.

I can kid myself, can’t I?

Read my review and installation article here.

Old Shark Dash Cam -Hardwired

I drive enough—around 30,000 miles a year—that I encounter A LOT of stupid people on the roads. As such, I felt I needed a dash cam. While the Old Shark is by no means the best, it gets the job done, was very cheap, and is able to be discreetly hard-wired into my car.

Good enough.

Have any questions about a specific modification? Let me know down below, and don’t forget to like and share the article with everyone you know.


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